Media & Entertainment

Tipping Point Media was originally established to advance the quality of the audio/video content supporting our award-winning training products. Over the years, this department has evolved into a Media and Entertainment division boasting a world-class virtual production facility, and state-of-the-art motion picture production pipeline designed for not only training, but also commercials, extended reality, and original entertainment.

Live Action, Animation & Virtual Production Content

Tipping Point Media and Entertainment is a leader in the creation of Live Action, Animation, and Virtual Production content in training, commercial, and original products. With our world-class post-production and visual effects capabilities, we also house a virtual production stage in our Colorado headquarters and studio in Michigan offices.

In 2020, Tipping Point acquired Worker Studio Animation to expand our offerings in 3D/2D CG Animation, XR, and Virtual Production. This introduced Michael “Ffish” Hemschoot as Director of Media and Entertainment with the goal of modernizing production methodologies and developing new business in commercials and entertainment.

Live Action Production
3D CG Production
Animated Production
Motion Design/Graphics
Live Action Production 
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From Concept to Completion
Commercial, Promotional, Cinematics, Film/TV, Documentary, Interview, Events
Virtual Production (Unreal)
  • Green Screen Volume with Virtual Camera Tracking
4K Cinema Pkg
  • Canon C300 MKII Cameras
  • Canon Cine Prime and Cine Zoom Lens Kit
Licensed Drone Photography
3D CG Production
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Realistic Environments, Objects & Metahumans
Character, Creature, Simulations, Products & Technical
Modeling & Rigging
Full Performance Capture System Powered by Xsens, Manus & Faceware
Extended Reality
  • AR/VR
  • Metaverse Design & Development
Animated Production
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Commercial, Film/TV, Promotional, Explainer
Design, Storyboarding, Layout, Animation, Rendering & Compositing
3D, 2D & Stop-motion
  • Maya
  • Harmony
  • Dragonframe
  • Character Animator (CC)
Motion Design/Graphics
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Opening Titles, Infographics, Explainers & Commercials
Graphic Design, Kinetic Typography, Layout, Build, Animation
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • C4D, Maya, Blender
  • After Effects
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Tipping Point Corp. is headquartered in Colorado, with offices & operations in Michigan, Arizona, and DC.

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