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Tipping Point Corporation was founded on the singular vision of Changing the Way the World Learns. Since 2011, our Training and Education division has done just that by redefining just how immersive and engaging today’s digital learning solutions can be.


Redefining ADDIE & the Collaborative Process

Tipping Point Corporation leverages technology through their proprietary application, ViewPoint, to promote greater focus throughout the ADDIE process, while allowing for stronger collaboration between teams. It’s highly intuitive user interface makes onboarding easy and a superior user experience.

Storyboard Commenting Tool:
ViewPoint Design
eLearning Commenting Tool:
ViewPoint Courseware
Storyboard Commenting Tool: ViewPoint Design
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Greater freedom during review cycles for teams to work independently or simultaneously regardless of time zones
Simultaneous reviews to collaborate in sharing comments and replies in real-time
Generate more focused and meaningful comments by using our "Master Approver" role feature
eLearning Commenting Tool: ViewPoint Coursware
□ Keep For Hidden Closed
An efficient and easy to use LMS
An intuitive and efficient method for courseware review, feedback and collaborative resolution
Simplifies and accelerates the review/feedback process, providing more accurate results in less time

Traditional, eLearning & XR (Extended Reality)

Our mission is to communicate ideas effectively, simplify the complex, and create empowering learning experiences.

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Analyze the assets and needs whether discovered or provided
Set the strategy and define its purpose to create relevant training
Establish the vision to set expectations and goals
Define the standards that set the stage for success
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Use established standards to rapidly develop training in the most efficient and effective way possible
Maintain the vision for generating a consistent course and experience
Adjust when necessary to meet the challenges and changes as they come
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Test courses to ensure goals are reached and the finest quality is achieved
Prepare, publish, and post courses for distribution regardless of the Learning Management System (LMS)
Evaluate training through Individual and Group Trials to realize success
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Tipping Point Corp. is headquartered in Colorado, with offices & operations in Michigan, Arizona, and DC.

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